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Affordable Homebuyer and Renter Programs Information and Assistance

Affordable Home Ownership Information

How do you budget and use credit?
How do you shop for a home?
How do you get a mortgage loan?
How do you maintain and manage your finances?
How do you know you are TRULY ready to buy a home?


The FCDP has established an excellent success rate in creating educated homeowners by referring potential homebuyers to our partner The Fairmont Morgantown Housing Authority for Credit and Debt Counseling.  Homebuyer debt counseling is available to all families interested in home ownership in the FCDP's Maple/Ogden and Virginia/Gaston service areas.  Counseling and education services are tailored to individual needs.  Topics typically cover budgeting, credit analysis, and mortgaging.  The process is conducted in small groups or can be one on one with interested families and involves a discussion regarding family goals and a review of housing options to meet family needs.

In accordance with its mission, the FCDP continues to offer Home Ownership Opportunities as new homes are constructed in the Maple/Ogden Neighborhood and Virginia/Gaston Neighborhood.

Affordable Rental Program Information

Looking for a safe, affordable rental unit?

The FCDP is now renting new affordable duplexes, and townhouses to qualified low-to-moderate income families and individuals. Families and individuals must meet the the program income eligibility guidelines and the guidelines set forth in our Tenant Selection Policy.

2013 Maximum Annual Income Guidelines

Individuals and families with incomes within 50% to 80% of the local median income may be eligible for Affordable Housing options through the Fairmont Community Development Partnership
Family Size Affordable Home Ownership Program Affordable Rental Program
One Person
Two People
Three People
Four People
Five People
Six People
Seven People
Eight People
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