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The Fairmont Community Development Partnership Strategy

The FCDP is fully dedicated to neighborhood stabilization and revitalization activities. The FCDP targets specific Fairmont locations for its intervention activities so resources can be concentrated for maximum impact over a relatively short time span.

The FCDP’s current Maple/Ogden/Jackson Addition service area was selected because it is a low income area with an elderly population. This had been a neighborhood where need was serious, but that featured many innate assets and a substantial future.  The Virginia/Gaston service area has also been chosen for improvements. Though the area has been neglected in the past, this south-side neighborhood has great potential to become a "recovered' neighborhood.

In the Maple/Ogden/Jackson Addition area, an early initiative removed some of the most dilapidated and unsafe properties. The spaces created are used for density reduction or for new home construction. The same approach is now being taken in the Virginia/Gaston area in order to create a safer and more livable neighborhood.

The impact of the revitalization on neighborhood appearances and moral are immeasurable and often described as “huge” and “unbelievable”.

The remaining abandoned buildings in both neighborhoods are being either acquired and torn down, or rehabilitated. When rehabilitation is not an option, quality affordable homes are constructed and sold or rented to families with low to moderate incomes.

All properties and structures in the target areas have been mapped and classified for work considered necessary. The Partnership has researched property ownership records and estimated costs for acquisition, rehabilitation, and demolition work. Project phases are scaled to be commensurate with resources available for a house-by-house / block-by-block approach.

Quality workmanship is assured for both new home and rehabilitation work and compliance with all applicable code and construction standards is closely monitored.

Neighborhood residents' and property owners' involvement is encouraged so they can have meaningful impact on projects in in their neighborhoods.

New home designs are individualized to fit the intended lots and to complement existing design-styles within the neighborhood.
Sidewalks, retaining walls, and street lighting are provided as the projects progress.