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Traction Square Artist Rendering
Crawford Building 

FCDP’s “Traction Square” Sparks New Neighborhood Vision

A fringe area in Fairmont’s downtown is finding clear, harmonious direction and beginning to rejuvenate itself. The Southside Neighbhorhood, adjacent to Downtown Fairmont, is a mixed commercial and residential neighborhood that in the past suffered from long-time uncertainty regarding it’s identity and direction.


Mi Pueblo Mexican Restraunt

This nine block area (Walnut to Virginia Avenue, and First to Third Street) had been an outwardly mismatched array of property types and conditions. The extremes extended from the well kept to the unsafe; from well preserved historic homes to the un-occupied blighted structures; and from light industrial operations to private homeownership. However, with the development of Traction Square, a positive residential and business climate has caught the community's attention.

The Traction Square development project began in 2001 with the purchase and rehabilitation of the McCoy Building for commercial and residential use. Encouraged by the occupancy response to the McCoy Building, it was realized that there was an opportunity to spark more development in the area. Over the next ten years, development continued as three condemned and deteriorated buildings were demolished and two buildings were restored for commercial and residential use.

Presently, Traction Square encompasses the McCoy Building, the Freight House, the Crawford Building, and just recently, the YMCA Building. This revitalized area is located at the intersection of First Street and Fairmont Avenue and offers upgraded and attractive parking and streetscape. Within the restored buildings of Traction Square are eight business units and eighteen residential units.

Businesses located in Traction Square include: FCDP offices, Mi Pueblo Mexican Restaurant, The Connecting Link, Inc., Noteworthy Sweets Shop, Aspire Uniqueness Boutique, Timko Counseling Services, LLC., and Investor's Capital.

YMCA Building

The Traction Square Project did not begin with a master plan concept, but instead began to "un-fold" as redevelopment opportunities were presented. The next phase of the development of Traction Square is the YMCA Building revitalization. This building was purchased by the FCDP in 2009, has received a new "green" roof, and has been cleared of debris. Full renovation plans for the YMCA Building are currently underway. It is likely that the revitalization of the Southside Neighborhood will not end with the YMCA Building project, but will continue as more development opportunities are presented.


McCoy Building TN
Traction Square After Renovations